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What is the Digital Scholars Lab?

The Early Caribbean Digital Archive (ECDA) seeks to engage scholars and students in a shared critical study of the textual, material, and cultural histories of the Caribbean by providing them with innovative digital technologies and newly emerging platforms for generating knowledges of the Caribbean’s rich body of materials. Our Digital-Text Analytics Research Lab aims to build strong partnerships with a wide range of scholarly publics interested in developing digital analytics, digitization techniques, and digital research methodologies that will benefit a shared and informed engagement with the Caribbean and its literary, aesthetic, cultural, and political impact on the study of the pre-C20th century Atlantic world.

We at the ECDA's Digital Scholars Lab hope the creation of the ECDA | Omeka installation will provide scholars, teachers, and students an immediate opportunity to begin working with these valuable  materials of pre-C20 Caribbean. Contributing scholars will be able to participate directly in the collaborative building of both the ECDA digital archive project and a shared Caribbean studies discourse and scholarly practice. Moreover, they will be promoting an ethical imperative for the digitization of these materials — in other words, they will be helping to make available these important cultural histories and otherwise difficult to access materials to a necessarily broad and critically engaged audience.