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What is the ECDA Scholars Commons?

The ECDA's Digital Commons facilitates collaborative discourse and analysis practices for scholars and students of pre-20th Century Caribbean studies by providing them with a platform through which to engage each other at all levels or stages of project design and development. We have learned that interacting with interested scholarly publics early on in the design stages of a project often proves fruitfully generative — where we are introduced to and learn collectively about new technologies and tools for implementation, new methods and analytics for application, and above all, new ways of thinking about our projects, their possible forms, functions, and futures.

As a creative and collaborative think space, the ECDA Digital Commons provides an updated overview of possible project ideas coming from the Idea Wall, Calls for Collaborations and Collaborative Works-in-Progress coming from the Workbench. Also, as we are invested in the continued study of the ways in which scholars and students collaborate and interact with each other and the materials within our archive — to help us better design our digital research platform and project development spaces — we provide data on these Collaborative exchanges and narratives of Project R&D & Development. Under the Workbench you will also find a space for Q&A tech questions, where our highly experienced DH project developers over at the NULab will assist you in addressing virtually any stage of DH buliding.